Do you have a child who:

  • Is a slow or reluctant reader?
  • Talks well but writes surprisingly little?
  • Has difficulties with spelling?
  • Has difficulties with writing?
  • Cannot always remember or understand what he/she has just read?
  • Seems inattentive and unable to concentrate or remember instructions?
  • Has difficulty organising himself/herself?
  • Finds it hard to remember the order of things, such as the days of the week?
  • Has difficulty copying from the blackboard?
  • Feels discouraged and at times causes trouble?

Many children display some of these traits, dyslexic children tend to display a large number of them.

If you think your child could be dyslexic and you are concerned, the Richmond Dyslexia Association may be able to help.

Please contact us on: info@richmonddyslexia.org.uk

Helpline: 020 8940 4626