Do you have a child who:

  • Cannot say and use number names in order?
  • Has difficulties with reading and writing numbers?
  • Does not remember the language associated with mathematical signs and symbols?
  • Has difficulty estimating numbers and totals?
  • Has difficulty with recognising and using number patterns and sequences?
  • Cannot quickly recall addition and subtraction facts?
  • Cannot quickly recall multiplication and division facts?
  • Has difficulty with understanding place value?
  • Needs help to select the correct method to solve a mathematical problem?
  • Has problems with remembering the sequences of the days of the week and months of the year?
  • Finds it hard to read the time from a clock face?
  • Panics at the word ‘mathematics’?

Many children display some of these traits, dyslexic children tend to display a large number of them.

If you think your child could be dyslexic and you are concerned, the Richmond Dyslexia Association may be able to help.

Please contact us on:

Helpline: 020 8940 4626